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Herbs Drying

This is my contraption for drying some of the herbs from my balcony garden. I’m using a cookie rack on the bottom and an upside-down sink colander over the top, with the herbs inside. I’m hoping there is enough air flow to dry them in a semi-proper sort of way. I’m also hoping that this is enough of a cat deterrent, as she loves investigating anything 1) new, and/or 2) green. So far, so good…

I’m drying sage, rosemary, lavender, thyme, basil, and oregano. This is the fourth day and they seem to be shrinking and drying okay. I try not to disturb them too much. I’d like to make an ‘Herbes de Provence’ blend for the pantry… So, once they’ve dried, we’ll see what I end up doing with them. Here is a picture of the menacing culprit that I’m trying to keep at bay…


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Red Peppers

Red Pepper Trio

I found these red peppers at the farm stand this weekend. I really loved their shapes and sizes. I got a bagful of ’em, then I prepped them for freezing. We went over to Granny’s house on Saturday, after going shopping. We ended up with green and red peppers, corn and peaches, all for freezing. It was great to watch her and see how it’s done. I had no idea that peppers could be frozen… I thought they would be too watery for that. I’m not the biggest fan of the pepper, but I’d bet that come wintertime, I’ll be looking forward to grabbing a bag out of the freezer now and again. Here’s the final product of the reds. Everything else is in Granny’s freezer, til we straighten ours out a bit. She kind of wanted to do it that way, too. 😉

I used the vacuum-sealing Food Saver that I had from several years ago. I had forgotten how much I like it! If I was really smart (and ambitious), I’d probably stick all my perishables in those bags for the fridge. Suck out the air and store them that way, making them last longer. Sadly, I’m not quite that ambitious. 😉 Maybe for some things… we shall see.

Food Saver

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It’s a Freezer Date…

Well, the plan on Sunday was to go to the local farm stand and stock up on fruit and veggies for freezing. However, we got roped into helping hang some blinds (bad pun intended). It was for Granny’s sunroom, and some assistance was a good thing. So, we never ended up hitting the market.

But, we now have a date for Saturday… We’ll pick Granny up, and then go to the farm stand. Rumor has it that she has a wonderful way of freezing peaches! I had not heard of freezing them before… Not that I know much about freezing stuff. But as a concept, I do like it. At the very least, we’ll be getting peaches, corn on the cob, and blueberries. I’ve a bit of research to do beforehand, as far as how-to-freeze other in-season goodies. So, we’ll go muss up her kitchen, to cook and freeze. Should be quite fun, informative, and enjoyable… I’m looking forward to it!

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