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Bean Spread on Crackers

I found an ingredient list for a bean spread that looked, well, interesting. Something to try and play around with… And that’s pretty much how it turned out. I was curious to use the white beans as a base. My only other experience with pureed beans would be hummus, and that has a very distinct chickpea flavor (which I adore, mind you). So for the cannellini beans, I was curious.

It came out okay. I’ve used the spread on a sandwich and as a topping for crackers (see above). I can’t say it’s something that I would crave, but then again, I like knowing it’s a good-for-you type of spread. As opposed to, say, a cheese spread or dip (which I also adore, mind you). I liked using fresh herbs from the balcony, and I will definitely be playing with them quite a bit this season. The red onions in this spread were too strong right away… But after it had some time to meld in the fridge, it did, well, mellow out. So, here’s the ingredient list, take it or leave it. I’m of mixed reviews on it right now…

  • Cannellini Beans, one can, thoroughly rinsed and drained
  • Drizzling of Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Red Onion, half of a medium-sized – not sure I’d even add this next time, particularly if I’m adding chives
  • Fresh Chives – I think I used 6 stalks, and I’d use more next time, while omitting the red onions
  • Fresh Thyme – handful of sprigs

I’d probably add a dash or two of lemon juice next time also.  Basically, I put everything in the food processor and whirled away.  Definitely put in fridge to let flavors mix…


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