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With asparagus being in-season and available now, and with my rediscovery of my fondness for red potatoes, we’ve been having some sort of variation of this meal about once a week. The asparagus is roasted, as are the red potatoes, and I usually add some sort of chicken breast dish to the plate. This past week, it was a stuffed chicken.

I cut up some deli ham and brick cheese and used that as the stuffing. After I butterflied and pounded out the chicken, the ham and cheese mix went inside. I was going to lightly bread and cook the chicken in a skillet before baking, but these chicken breasts weren’t really ‘together’ enough for that. So, I skipped that part and they went straight into the oven. After they were done cooking, I sprinkled a bit more of the ham and cheese mix on top. Then, into the broiler for one more minute… And that is literal, because our current broiler has been known to set things on fire if left for more than 60 seconds. No fire this evening… just a warm and tasty cool night’s dinner. 🙂


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Eggs Benedict

This dinner was pretty darn tasty, and quite enjoyable on a cold, rainy, thundery (!) February evening. Poaching the eggs was something new… Or at least something that hasn’t been done in several years.

…Drat, I just lost the remainder of my post. Basically, swirl the melted butter around in the egg cup prior to adding the egg, to avoid stickiness. Also, add less than an inch of water so overly-high boiling does not occur. Tips and lessons learned for next time. Dish was still very yummy, and it’s nice to be able to poach eggs once again, when the hankering hits…

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Salad Time…

Winter Salad

I have been feeling the need for a salad for quite some time now. However, it being winter and all, I’ve also been feeling the need for something warm when I get home. Thus, the salad idea had been pushed aside, until tonight.

I went with sun-dried tomatoes, instead of the turned-mushy ‘regular’ tomatoes that I had. I wish I could save the taste of fresh tomatoes from the summer into the winter, but alas… We had some leftover ham from the weekend, so into the salad it went. I actually warmed mine up first, the ham only, before adding it. I have no idea where I got that idea, but I actually found it pretty darn good! Drizzled some blue cheese dressing over it all and voila. It all tasted very good, and sometimes more importantly, it felt good…

Next will be Super Bowl Sunday shopping and planning and cooking. That’s what’s in store for the weekend! 🙂

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Stuffed Chicken a la D…

Stuffed Chicken a la D

Big YUM! This fantastic meal was created and prepared by D. this evening. And oh my was it ever good! We’ve seen some Stuffed Chicken recipes that looked interesting, but tonight was the first time we, ahem, he, tried making one. Very very tasty! Fairly simple too, all in all. He made the chicken as I was making a soup. We’ll save the soup for tomorrow… I’m still savoring this chicken dish. Here’s what he did:

He made a cream cheese spread for inside the chicken breasts. The ingredients were cream cheese, roasted red peppers, a few artichoke hearts, garlic powder and onion powder. D. mixed this together in the food processor while I trimmed and butterflied the chicken. The chicken went onto a plate of dried garlic and basil first. Then, he put this spread on the chicken and topped it with some ham and shredded cheese. Then he folded them over and put in some toothpicks. Here’s that picture…

Assembled Chicken

The baking pan was lightly covered with some of the broth I used in my soup. He tented the chicken with some foil, and then put it in the oven to bake. Voila! The chicken was so freaking moist and tender. The herbs on the outside tasted delicious. The cream cheese filling with the ham was delightful, and the extra cheese melted beautifully and added to the creamy flavor inside. All in all, a tremendously flavorful, tender and delicious meal!

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Thursday night, a chilly night, after work some running around… I went to the store, primarily for Puggles’ food and a few other things. I also ended up looking for a Wii Fit, which was not there that night, even though we had seen some the previous weekend. Then, a phone call to a game store, and upon finding out a Wii Fit was there, we ran out again to pick it up. So, upon finally getting home (again), what to do for dinner?

We had some eggs remaining from some baking… we don’t always have eggs in the house. However, we are finding that it’s a good ingredient for a quick meal during the week, so I’m thinking we’ll keep some on hand more frequently now. Milk, too. We’re odd like that… what some may consider staples for the fridge, for us it’s hit or miss. Anyway, we also had some leftover ham, so here comes dinner! I would consider cheese to be a staple for us, that’s something we always have in the fridge, in one form or another. 🙂

  • Leftover Ham, chopped into squares
  • Eggs
  • Garlic, minced
  • Shredded Cheese

That was it, pretty straightforward. I can’t recall if I used any seasonings in this dish… perhaps some Onion Powder. I think I did put a dash of Soy Sauce into the eggs, which I a trick I learned some where along the way, many years ago… We toasted some Cheesy Bread to go along with it, and voila, quick and comfy dinner!

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