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With asparagus being in-season and available now, and with my rediscovery of my fondness for red potatoes, we’ve been having some sort of variation of this meal about once a week. The asparagus is roasted, as are the red potatoes, and I usually add some sort of chicken breast dish to the plate. This past week, it was a stuffed chicken.

I cut up some deli ham and brick cheese and used that as the stuffing. After I butterflied and pounded out the chicken, the ham and cheese mix went inside. I was going to lightly bread and cook the chicken in a skillet before baking, but these chicken breasts weren’t really ‘together’ enough for that. So, I skipped that part and they went straight into the oven. After they were done cooking, I sprinkled a bit more of the ham and cheese mix on top. Then, into the broiler for one more minute… And that is literal, because our current broiler has been known to set things on fire if left for more than 60 seconds. No fire this evening… just a warm and tasty cool night’s dinner. 🙂


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I was feeling a bit in the mood for a meat and potatoes and vegetable type of meal. Just because, I suppose. There were some pork chops in the freezer (a rarity), so they got tagged to be ‘it’. They were marinated overnight in olive oil and a dried herbed salad dressing mix. We cooked those up on the Foreman grill and called it dinner. They were pretty good, even though I’m not a huge pork chop fan. Fairly moist too… I think the olive oil and the cooking method helped with that.

Oh, were those little red potatoes ever delicious though! I had forgotten how wonderful they are. Red potatoes, olive oil, sea salt (definitely a key ingredient!) and some garlic powder. Big yum! I was going to use dried rosemary, but for some odd reason there was none in the cupboard. Gotta fix that soon… The potatoes were roasted in the toaster/convection oven, and they smelled heavenly as they were cooking. So, all in all, a quite simple yet very satisfying meal. I’m definitely going to get more of those red potatoes on my next trip to the grocery store… Just way too good!

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