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I hadn’t used this trick in ages, but the other night, I roasted some asparagus and needed a lil something more for dinner. It takes about two minutes to scramble an egg this way, and it was just what I was looking for…

Find a wide-bottomed coffee mug and spray the inside with a quick spritz of Pam or other such cooking oil. In a separate bowl, break an egg, beat it with a fork until blended and pour the egg into the coffee mug. (Actually, I think I just scrambled it up right in the coffee mug this time!) Place a small plate on top on the mug, and then put it in the microwave. Cook on high power for about one minute, or until you hear the plate ‘pop’. The ‘pop’ is actually the plate shifting on the mug as the steam is released from the egg. And voila… scrambled egg! It makes a nice-sized scrambled egg puff pattie of sorts for an egg and cheese sandwich, too. 😉

For the roasted asparagus above, I covered a baking tray with aluminum foil and drizzled it with olive oil. After rinsing the asparagus and breaking off the thick stalks, I laid them out on the tray and gently rolled them to coat them with the olive oil. Next, I sprinkled on some sea salt and rolled them a bit more. They cooked at 350 degrees in our countertop oven for 15 – 20 minutes. Once again, I am finding that I adore the addition of sea salt! 🙂


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We recently added a basic deep fryer to our inventory of kitchen appliances. I’m not certain I would have picked one out on my own, but I have to say, the french fried potato chips that we’ve been making are absolutely delicious! They are a nice crispy (as long as I get them sliced thinly enough) and quite flavorful.

We’ve been using Sea Salt on our potatoes, and I think that is what is making all the difference. They are lightly salty, but not in that covered-in-table-salt kind of way. For this last batch, we added some Garlic Powder too… Yum!!

Once the potato chips come out of the deep fryer, they go onto a cookie sheet pre-sprinkled with the sea salt and garlic powder. The proven technique has been to use two forks to separate the potato slices and arrange them in a single layer. Then, they are shaken back and forth to coat the bottoms. Before going into a serving dish, the tops are lightly sprinkled with another round of salt and garlic powder. Big kudos to Mr. Foodgroove and Pup for perfecting this method!

I didn’t expect to enjoy these quite so much… Though I should have, because I am a potato chip fanatic. I do think it’s essential to use the sea salt, most definitely. We’ve got some other items we want to try frying, such as onion rings and wontons and such. For the moment though, we’re basking in the goodness of homemade potato chips. UPDATE: Name changed to potato chips, because that’s really what they are. Thanks IPP!

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