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I had an absolutely delicious dinner at The Original Fish Market in Pittsburgh. One week ago tonight, actually. My dish was a luxurious, yet light, Lobster Pasta Provençal, made with lobster, garlic, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and white wine. The roasted tomatoes were a juicy addition to the white wine sauce, keeping it very light but savory. I’m guessing they used crimini mushrooms, but that’s still just a guess. I couldn’t tell the exact combination of herbs (if any), but there was such a flavor to this sauce! It could have come from the mushrooms and/or the wine, but whatever it was, it was a delight to my taste buds! The lobster was, of course, very tasty, and it gave some heft to the dish… But honestly, it was the roasted tomatoes and the sauce that made this meal so delicious! Big yummm… I’ll have to look up some Provençal sauce recipes and play around with them soon.

The other restaurant that we frequented was Tonic Bar and Grill. The food was good, but not nearly like my meal above. And the service did leave something to be desired, at least the first time. (We ate there twice for lunch.) My first meal was a Crab Cake Sandwich with mustard aioli… That was definitely a treat! The crab cake was moist on the inside, crispy on the outside and, well, filled with yummy crabmeat! I was thinking to myself how lovely is was to be out east and able to enjoy some good seafood… not really considering how we were, in fact, in western Pennsylvania. That said, it was still very tasty, even if I couldn’t quite smell the salty ocean air… My other lunch dish was a quesadilla with chicken, pesto, sundried tomato, provolone and parmesan. It had a tasty crunch to it and tasted good, but overall, I think there were too many sundried tomatoes in it. They add such a robust flavor, and I usually really like them… This time though, I think there were just too many of them. I’d definitely go back for the Crab Cake though. 😉


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Busy Month…

Well, it’s going to be a busy next few weeks, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be food grooving it. My parents are bringing my nephew out for a visit on Thursday, and our plans include a small league ball game, checking out the big lake, going to a water park and celebrating birthdays. So…

I did find a description of a new local restaurant that should be opening up soon… And it sounds very appealing. Here are some details from Open Table (which I had never heard of until I googled the restaurant’s name). I got the heads-up on this cafe from work, and things must be moving right along, because their website has improved from just earlier this afternoon… a good sign! Here’s the website for Abstract Cafe, currently under construction. This is the part that caught my eye…

We utilize area farmers to provide our guests with locally grown products on a menu that changes with each new seasonal crop. We use organic products and support sustainable farming practices whenever possible.

I’m really looking forward to checking it out…

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Goat Cheese…

This will be the new ingredient that I begin playing with soon… Soon hopefully being next weekend, as I’ve already got fondue on the menu for New Year’s Eve.

We spontaneously stayed overnight in Chicago this weekend, and we ended up at the South Water Kitchen for dinner. Actually, we ate in the tavern for dinner, and then had brunch in the restaurant the next morning. Point of story… We had a Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Dip that was absolutely delicious!! So very creamy… I think that’s one of the main reasons we loved it so. So, we talked with our waitress the next morning, and she told us exactly how to make it. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with goat cheese (yet), but that will definitely be in the kitchen here, and soon. I’ll try to recreate their recipe first. Then, I’ll take off with it and see what variations I can come up with… I’m sure there will be some yummy ones in there… I just know it. Mmmmm… very tasty indeed!

And yes, that pasta bake below is on my to-make-soon list too!

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We have a local restaurant, Kelsey’s Steak and Seafood, that is quite enjoyable. And it is was it says, steak and seafood. Also meaning that it’s above-average on the price scale. We end up going there once or twice a year, it seems. They have a good New England Clam Chowder… It is good, but with the caveat being that we’re in the midwest, so… 😉 Rather obviously, there’s not the variety of different chowder recipes that one might find in, say, New England. But still, it’s pretty darn yummy. They use very fresh ingredients too, which is always nice. Everything I’ve had there just tastes good…

So, it amused me to find out that Kelsey’s offers take-out. You can order online and then go pick it up. For computer wonks such as myself, I like that option. I also like selecting my choices instead of relaying them to someone over the phone, which has a greater likelihood of getting messed up. We haven’t tried the online ordering yet, but it’s fun to know it’s available. If we’re in the mood for a good meal, but don’t necessarily want to go out to do so. Of course, we do enjoy going out at times, so we’ll see if and when we try it.

Monterey Filet Tips:

Filet tips grilled with sauteed mushrooms and smothered with melted Monterey Jack cheese.

That would be my favorite dish there… at least so far! 🙂

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